here first. until we are there.

this is about me, unfortunately.

i’m a bunch of emotions today, and not necessarily nice ones.

Cory Aquino finally let go, and a country mourns. flags will be half-mast for a ten days. it does sound strange for a period of mourning to be determined—you have ten days. after that we shall go on with our lives.

as if that that is not exactly what grief and mourning is about. it’s getting on with our lives. and that is exactly what is most painful. when you slowly forget just so that you can continue, become new. the trappings, the rites are only a beginning of the mourning. so perhaps ten days for a country to [listing all possible death rituals i’ve seen in the movies] flags to fly half-mast, mirrors to be covered, to wear black [or perhaps in this case, yellow] and so on and so forth.

i will do it because she was a president, because she was a wife to a man who fought for our country then stepped up. because she continued to fight even after her term.

though she was my president too. at a time when i was too young to really understand what was happening.


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