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today, a list.

1. Perfect things (surprisingly, they’re not mind-blowing) sneak up on you. I think it is hope that floats, happiness well it just is. The way you know your heart, the way you know your mother is gone, the way you know that living is the only response to everything and anything. And not in spite of, but because of. 

how strange that the happier things that have come have always been tinged with some sort of sadness. sunlight has a touch of the dark, only because it always holds you. only because love is infinite.

2. It really is easier to hate yourself, than to always say, “No, I will not let you do this to me anymore.” Too many voices have tried to tell us otherwise, and too loudly and with too much certainty. Also, no matter how much dye goes on my hair or lipstick on my lips—it takes courage to truly say, “Because I’m worth it.” 

It here means everything. I’m worth everything. And in that way, nothing too.

3. Oh love, may your heart break everyday, may it never be completely whole. 

there’s a toddler at work today, everyone’s playing with him. i feel like telling him the truth.

you know, like “hijo, do you know that your mere presence here—well, they should pay you for it. ask for a later bedtime, or all-you-can-eat baby food, or unlimited sandbox time, or to not wear clothing or no diaper!”

or something even more fun. because kids should be lukaret before they enter schooling, or else they’re going to be like everyone else. 

it could always be MORE than just entertainment.

The Laugh Bug

A VW’s Fun Theory campaign continues to go viral, one skeptic wonders if it’s more than just entertainment.

By Jane Margolies 

With much fanfare, the Swedish division of Volkswagen recently declared the outcome of its Fun Theory innovation challenge. The announcement took place at a real news conference, held in an actual Volkswagen showroom in Stockholm, with the grand-prize winner, American Kevin Richardson, receiving a bona fide check in the amount of 25,000 SEK (about $3,500) for his proposal to reward drivers who stick to the speed limit by giving them a chance to win a lottery jackpot

I’m not really surprised that this is *just* a viral campaign—that once the contest ended, so did the “good fun” but I do feel like there could have been a greater component. Just like how I wished that Coke’s happiness machine was a permanently random thing.

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MOB: A Near Future Social Fiction

really good and quick storytelling!

oh bring your hips to me, bring your hips to me!