here first. until we are there.

at tuluy-tuloy lang po

ang embarassing reflective quote, my horoscope for the day:

The kinder and gentler side of you is eagerly looking beyond this weekend, for your tone might be so forceful now that you scare someone away when you are actually trying to bring him or her closer to you. It’s no fun if you upset someone you really like. Fortunately, you can avoid this negative pattern by paying careful attention in all your interactions. Self-restraint works in your favor today, so understate whatever you choose to share.

hay. pati pa naman horoscope alam ang aking innners truggles.


in other news, i have finally found the correct usage of food/feeding int he context of seduction. this, you might all remember is crucial after:

[enter tall dark and handsome man from long ago, after just stepping off motorbike… yes motorbike]
ning: (to companions, who have never let me forget this] ah tang ina. what is this?

[tall dark and handsome man removes helmet, shakes out long straight hair. as in]

ning: [i guess you know na rin what happens di ba?]

tall dark and handsome man stops in front of table to say hi. smiling because obviously he came to see her.

ning: kumain ka na?

ah tang ina. after all that effort, all that cinematic kabwisitan, that is what i give.

but my point being, i just saw a part of that crazy clive owen film with monica belluci.

scene is in the bathroom. clive owen is making baby laugh with his handgun. monica belluci stand in the door, smiling. holding a jar of peanut butter/baby food (i’m not sure)

she asks, “are you hungry?” and uses her delicate forefinger to taste whatever is in jar.

and it works. hay.

conclusion. be monica belluci.

lost. i am so screwed.

footnote: clive owen. bet. winner. wagi.


One response

  1. This wouldn’t be who I think it is, is it?Please, no. Hahahahahaha!

    March 1, 2009 at 2:49 pm

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