here first. until we are there.

oooh look who remembered she was a geek.

because really i’ve heard way too many love stories (surreal, straight out of a movie and of course, i just watched you changed my life. AMPUTAH. John lloyd cruz! but siyempre who really got to me, YES the younger 19muthafucka pasty white, droopy eyed manboy whose default expression is longing) and i’m thisclose to stamping my feet and really morphing into the chick lit character that i am. i will jsut fly off.

they say that a woman would be more attracted to a more masculine guy (think neanderthal) right before she ovulates. makes sense because really, there’s nothing like a big swarthy man to make you barefoot and pregnant. so on other days of the month, she’s attracted to softer, more feminine looking men. you know, baby faces and pretty boys.

so really. where am i? when am i?

but tonight after rereading yet another one of my comic books, i don’t want to read poetry after work—i get depressed about being a machine. [who’s writing her third brochure in two weeks?]

i think i should start writing comic books. not sandman types. i can’t. i have no gravitas, dry wit or britishness. all i have is chick lit+geek which really just means rambling rambling rambling. but since i can’t draw for shit—i do draw a pretty good stick figure rally bearing signs. yes this is what i’m doodling at meetings—i need someone to draw for me. and because really collaboration is such a wonderful place to start falling in love. hahahahaha. so yeah.

but he has to be not hardcore enough to want to draw non-superhero comics or serious noir stuff (brian michael bendis I LOVE YOU!) or even painful introspective stuff (chris ware, adrien tomine, craig thompson, etc i love you too) kooky enough to bear with my rambling, and open enough to understand that yes there has to be a drag queen in every story. preferably drawn like psylocke, but with smaller boobs and a bigger jaw, always working a day job at the mac or nars counter. (am thinking that this is my mother issues rearing their ugly oedipal head)

so there. though i think this is more a personal ad than an ad for a collaborator. and it’s dark and i should be sleeping because if id on’t sleep the dentist says that novocaine won’t work properly and we want that novocaine to work like a dream.

how’s this for blogging? i miss you lovely people. and yes, i’m turning 27 soon so prepare the silly amounts of affection that you will be heaping on me.


One response

  1. “collaboration is such a wonderful place to start falling in love”Love ko ‘to. Love kita. Love ko John Lloyd. Let’s just love each other.Hahahahahahaha. I’m (more) crazy after that crazy Saturday night. But I’m happy all that was said, and not said. 🙂 Love you, Ning

    March 1, 2009 at 2:20 pm

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