here first. until we are there.


you know when you meet a guy and he’s just too handsome. that you get uncomfortable. or in my case, dumb. and then he starts talking, and you can’t believe that he’s actually witty even endearing with how much he knows or loves something. and you’re just waiting for him to say that he’s got a girlfriend (or in my case, a manfriend) so that you can do the inevitable, yehey friends!

but he doesn’t. and even if you’re thinking OA, pa-cute sya—but you’re smiling when you think that, you don’t realize you’re lost na.

i’m a reading a book. and it’s doing that to me. ah wala na.


on another note, i have the stupidest crush on one of the tattoo artists on miami ink.

mwahahahahaha. ano ba?! it’s 3 am, and i’m 15 again.


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