here first. until we are there.

copy drone essay 1

I hate to admit but my former boss was right about me leaving to learn valuable lessons outside.I’ve been in my current job for 6 months (i feel like a fresh grad.) and have gone through a whole gamut of emotions. you know me and emotions naman eh.

Except this past week, though i don’t think i’ve ever worked so hard or ever been so thorough (OC am not di ba?!), there’s such a weight on my chest. hindi siya drama weight. just a constant tightness. it’s also become difficult to sleep at night even i’m dead tired.

i kid that my bra’s too tight (except that i just got measured,) or really majuba lang talaga ako. but it’s like a bunch of aftershocks (you know those after-sobs you get after a really good cry?) have banded together, built a house and had babies.and when larry asked me earlier this week,”what have you created?” i had nothing to say. sure i have actual things to show. but they don’t feel like they’re my work. and this isn’t about the mrt or the lack of anyone gwapo (hmmm, well in the office yeah.) it’s a constant dull pressure.

but there’s still so much laughter, really. i just need time to breathe, i think.

i miss everyone. all my love.

(naks parang sulat.)


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