here first. until we are there.

breast cancer awareness month

because i’m subscribed to so many beauty blogs (how’s that for ditziness? through the internet no less!!), i am constantly being reminded that october is breast cancer awareness month.

so my little bullhorn:

i, of big breasts, and of marlene and esen who passed on, would like to remind everyone to
1. have their breasts checked.
2. try not to smoke too much, or drink, or eat, or make puyat
(you were waiting for my colegiala side to come out, weren’t you?)
3. hold on to the time they have.

this list was going to be longer, but really, my tears are about to fall. sayang ang aking make-up for the day.
(so donate if you’d like, hindi ko pa kaya ang mga walk for the cure. i still resent it, truthfully.)

my love to everyone.


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