here first. until we are there.

“Heavenly femme father, I am trying desperately to hold together the tired and fraying edges of a house. … ”

i love reading reviews on plays that i may never see in my lifetime:

The outcasts in this gutsy, pulsing portrait of uptown drag queens and the men who love them have reinvented the world from the ground up — no, make that from the Garden of Eden onward. These are people with their own heroic guiding myths — of creation, nation and divinity — and their own intricate and inviolable rules for what constitutes a home, a family and a sexual identity.

WIG OUT on the New York Times

how could i resist this?

morning everyone! it’s 9:37 in the industrial side of makati!

i’m fully made-up with my big windblown hair, with a cup of coffee steaming before me—i think my feather boa would have made a nice accessory!


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