here first. until we are there.

sinong nagcracram para sa comprehensive exam?

i’ve noticed that as much as i study most nights, after spending much of the day playing in the system that lit crit has always questioned, i find myself watching a 10 pm show. usually a crime show.

(i remember watching/hearing that when julia delpy was writing/directing/editing two days in paris, she only watched raging bull and jaws — somethign like that.)

and tonight’s crime show has just lit up.

CSI miami (we shall forgive all the kabaduyan — i just love crime stories. “it means the world has been wronged.” and then there will be order.) was focused on the case of an 18-year old tourist who was shot in the face in an elevator. It turned out to be a gang initiation (“they get their bones with a random kill.”) except it wasn’t so random because the 18yo pissed off a gang leader because he was just so cute that said gang leader’s girl (of course! can i just say akala ko anak niya?) fooled around with him.

so there’s a lot of vengeance going on. and basically men peeing to mark their territory.

“you failed me son. you failed me.” said Dean Cain who just has not gotten out of his post-loisandclark role of the dangerous gwapo man (think gabby concepcion, not jay manalo. mwahahaha! so ‘roid rage, not really lothario. violence kung baga)

brother of 18 yo beats a suspect who turns out to be the wrong guy, thinking he was avenging his brother but you realize is really just showing his father that “no i didn’t fail you, i didn’t fail you.”

can i just say nga that they were angry at the wrong guy? but di ba he’s latino and is in a wifebeater and is poor basically — so that just makes sense that he’s the killer. so basically, you both failed. TANGA. and men are supposed to be rational?

heniway, little gang wannabe is all cocky about his random kill (“my part was perfect, planned, clean… like a COB-ruuuh” hello phallic symbol, kamusta naman ang overkill?) except he doesn’t see that he is exactly what he thinks he’s entering the gang to avoid, POWERLESS. in their parlance, he’s someone’s bitch after all.

(and yes to say that you are somoene’s bitch is to reveal the latent misogyny in the world but it’s going to help me make my point.)

and of course, gang leader is going to jail because really, women are not possessions to be fought over. BOBOH. mahaba na nga hair mo, you’re in a white suit pa. (hey, bakit hindi ko siya type?)

oooh the fragility of masculinity.

which of course is really just thrown into the air when horatio crane (remove shades, put them on again, deliver line) begs beaten up suspect (who just happens to live in the gang-infested area, but hasn’t become infected. he is kalbo so really, kung ang metaphor natin para sa gangs ay kuto —- hindi siya pwede maging infestation. unless unless, mwahahaha.), okay doesn’t beg —– he asks him not to press charges against younger brother. in exchange horatio crane (kailangan full name) will find him a way out of the infested area.

(TRIUMPH OF THE KAWAWA RICH YOUNGER BROTHER BOY IWTH OVERBEARING INSECURE FATHER OVER THE immigrant who must work in construction and always appear in wifebeaters.)

while all of this is happening, the male csi’s are the ones exploring the crime scene, making braso people, shooting guns pa no less while the female csi’s are doing the tests, and finding the answers.

and in the end, everyone is caught. grieving mama of 18yo is approached by female CSI who figured that gang wannabes would sweat before their first random kill to return son’s precious pocket watch (found by blonde female CSI who also finds bullet)

there’s music of course to still keep you tense.

mama somehow faces gang wannabe asks him why he killed her son. and of course, shoots him.

ang mader lang ay tunay na in cold blood. because reallly grief does freeze you.

yes, gang wannabe is dead. and though we may tsk tsk tsk and say that hey, maybe he’ll get rehabilitated and do something great. we feel release.

because a random kill is unbelievable.
one that is motivated by jealousy is just melodramatic.

but a mother who just lost her son? well.

though nasaan na si gang leader? at si tatay?


but of course, mother is still outcast. and yes, she will go to jail.

go television!


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