here first. until we are there.

the parenthesis

alternating between the bed and the cmputer whose creen i can’t really read sinc ei think i’m bieng attacked by astigmatisim. i know the idisom’s wrong, i just feel like there’s a huge jellyfish on my face keeping me from seeing the screen properly so i really am just watching my hands — and praying that i a m stil mkaing sense. later, i will edge closer to the screen and ceheck what i had typed. so if there are typos —- welll blame the jellyfish names astygmatism on my face. i’m not sure if it’s trying to eat my nose or realy just resting a while before it bothers someone else.

apart from the jellyfish on my face, i think i’ve been trhown into a state. or i fell in and i can’t get up.

i have work to do. but reasoning that i can’t see the screen to do anythign correctly, blogging is fine. since it seems most of the time, what i truly create for myself is really just a misatke for most people.

i think most of the time, my most intense emotions, my ost significant emotions ar ejust wrong. maybe they’re right, i am off 24/7. the people who love me have just learned to tilt their heads slightly

but look at this, because it is the sweetest thing.

maira kalman’s elements of style

and i think i like animals whose bellies are close to the ground, i think i appreciate the groundedness —- hhahahahaha. and short legs? well, hello.

okay jellyfish just went meaner. bed again first. myaybe the next time you see me, i’ll have a new nose.


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