here first. until we are there.


The ubiquitous nature of space conceals how potent it truly is. We say a
tree-lined view soothes us because it reminds us of nature, but do not
realize that the greenness of the leaves and the hardy majesty of the
branches also remind us of the dark cozy expanse that is the forest
floor. We compliment the chef for providing us with a hearty meal,
not realizing that the orange hue of the restaurant walls have woken
our taste buds to every nuance of a tomato or a basil leaf. The
dimensions of our experiences are easily captured as flat photographs,
yet its fullness is in its layered nature, in its breadth. Within
those depths are messages of sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. We
easily forget just how the structures in which we inhabit speak in
such subtle tones. The towers of the great Europeans churches reveal
our longing for the heavens as do the undulations of Gaudi’s creations
exhibit how we want our buildings to remind us of our own softness.
To truly make sense of the world, we must remember that the brain
works by connecting everything we perceive like a hand poised over an
elaborate puzzle with endless pieces. So to say that I think, means I
have seen, smelled, tasted, touched and listened. To have a true
sense of things means that I am, and I am here.

(from the growing piles of the copy machine)


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