here first. until we are there.

b that unnecessary

Lights on, a girl and a guy are in a cab. It’s traffic.

Chris: You smell like my girlfriend.
Mark: That’s what he said?
Chris: Yeah, so of course I turn back to the one presenting in front. Taken ka pala gago.
(Mark laughs)
Chris: Then, I feel something on my thigh. It’s his phone, he’s showing me his girlfriend. Pretty naman, long straight hair, sweet smile, light blue tank top.
Mark: Aba, asking for approval?
Chris: I guess so. Ako naman, nodded and smiled. Humirit pa ako ng ‘pinatulan ka’, but of course he didn’t hear it.
Mark: Pero loaded yun ah.
Chris: What do you mean?
Mark: You smell like my girlfriend…for him to utter those words, basta.
Chris: Don’t say that. May girlfriend nga yung tao. Light blue tank top, long straight hair!
Mark: But that’s just so intimate, so … you smell like my girlfriend. Did you send out Ate or Mommy vibes ba?
Chris: Mukhang. It’s not as if I can help it.
Mark: But isn’t perfume a very personal thing, a very sensual thing? (sounding like he’s reciting from Emily Post) Perfume must be subtle enough to be detectable only inches from the skin. Only inches from the skin. (he laughs)
Chris: Man, don’t do that. The way you do that, you’re giving me hope.
Mark: Well, you could be the older woman he experiments with. Go!
(Chris bursts into laughter)
Chris: But I don’t know his name. I don’t think he knows mine either.
Mark: Perfect! Interesting yan!

Cabbie honks horn loudly and curses. Mark and Chris glance at each other and lean back tired.

end of scene

(a scene from my walang kamatayang film project, ‘He’s the Hotness.’ or ‘Marry Me, [insert name of current famous crush]!’)


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