here first. until we are there.


  1. insight from THE professor i still want to impress. (i took enough classes with him that i think i should get a minor in him) : Safe ka. Safe ka pumili ng mamahalin mo.
  2. indignance from a woman who was unapologetic about being radical or asking for genuine analysis.
  3. finding that my older self (if i work hard at it) just might be funny, intelligent, relevant AND lesbian. heehee.
  4. the ease in revealing a past lifetime, an embarassing “why did i take this shit, you’re not even that hot OR giving me sex?” kind of past lifetime
  5. realizing that i am capable of certainty
  6. the thought the art should be thought about, but people just might be having fun.
  7. young boys now older still generous with hugs and bola.
  8. no, he doesn’t have to love you to treat you like the queen that you are.
  9. it is possible to just do what you want AND still have a day full of people
  10. a protective streak over someone you’ve known for ,like, five minutes.
  11. you are my friend. cool.
  12. being able to say,”Nah it wasn’t your work, I just wanted you for your body.” without irony or embarassment.


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