here first. until we are there.


it seems the spider has taken residence in the mess that is my desk. it said hi as it crawled down my arm. no screaming, but i noticed it was a pretty good jumper. and once it jumped off to crawl into someone else’s cubicle — i knew it was time to go home.

and as i typed this, my father (1) recapped last night’s episode of grey’s anatomy (2) asked me to open his new bottle of neutrogena facial soap. i watched dexter last night (michael c. hall as the hottest serial killer ever!) and did mull over the fact that i need a new bottle of facial moisturizer.

now off to nap. i seem to be getting up earlier and earlier everyday. which really just leaves me in a sore mood majority of the morning. not even masungit, just needy.

must check. but really, baka doon na ako magsisisigaw.

okay mission for the weekend, must get punch-drunk. heehee. the love just might follow.


One response

  1. wow. if the spider is radioactive and bites down on your arm, you’ll turn into…SPIDER-HAM!(With great pawis comes great responsibility)heehee

    January 28, 2008 at 6:10 am

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