here first. until we are there.

manok noon, sam milby ngayon.

cinema one is just killing me. killing me i say. that film where toni gonzaga and sam milby are cops just finished. and of course, i was screaming at the TV na. grabe, if my hands are not in chickens — they’re holding a pillow to my mouth sa kilig at sa kakatawa. *sigh*

really, with lines from zanjoe marudo like “minahal ko siya pare, kahit hindi siya sa akin,” through prison bars to sam milby. but of course, the whole time sam milby is speaking canadian english and really bad tagalog. oh did i say zanjoe marudo was in a sando? yes, he was in a black sando. may money shot pa of him in a towel and those washboard abs. i swear, gusto ko maging labandera. (like that?)

and the classics like,”kung hindi ka tumahimik, hahalikan kita,” which of course becomes, “kaung heendi kah tuma*muffled*, hawhawleekaan keetah,” with sam milby.

though i must say, it might be interesting to discuss why they choose to allow toni gonzaga to speak in loud (that woman’s mouth lang talaga…) tagalog and sam milby to speak in english. “moe (ampotang pangalan yan, anong real name niya? AMOR!), you have to give me a cheance.” alam mo yon, parang southern accent na hindi.

also, anong klaseng love triangle yan? two SWAT team cops and one smuggler. at hindi man lang, kingpin. bagay naman si zanjoe marudo (kailangan full name kasi arteestah, i swear.) na naka-white suit ala miami vice kung baga. but nooooo, small-time pirata lang siya. pero wow, the pivotal scene in the movie —- what was smuggled? rolex. in what? isda. hahahahahahaha!

ohmygawd, the fight scenes for toni gonzaga, hello so close with a different colored dress and those knee high boots! wala silang attachment that will allow the wearer to anchor them on the ceiling and do a bad-ass shootfest with the beautiful straight hair flowing. AND the declarations of love ni zanjoe marudo — balloons sa rooftop ng housing project “ay, pasensya ka sa bahay namin ha.” + an array of chicken entrails skewered on barbecue sticks on top of a billboard i assume. which of course is to be beaten by sam milby AND his kalapatis and white roses.

oy, and with sam milby —- ang kanyang back story of losing a friend in the midst of political unrest in cotabato (hear sam milby try to speak the language. winner!), the nerd past where so many UGLY (i swear, they’re all ugly!) girls na siyempre with long and straight hair rejected him because he was a nerd. eh tanga ka naman sam milby eh, kung pumatol ka sa nakasalamin, nakabraces at kulot —- eh di baka hindi na-reject. natakot ka lang sa konting laman. hahahaha. (ay issues ko!) WAIT, and sam milby’s insufferable sidekick who will say things like, “keep your friends close, and your enemies open.”

therefore, even if he’s got the ugliest voice i’ve ever heard, zanjoe marudo has got the best deal going for him. he’s the padre de pamilya big-hearted criminal who says, “wag ngayon moe, kailangan ako ng pamilya ko. si nanay kasi…” when toni gonzaga draws a gun. and of course, she is crying and screaming, “bakit? bakit?” but really, the man’s got layers. well… kahit stereotype siya.

as mimay likes to say, “what is the meaning….”

but of course, i loved it. because sam and toni (hindi na full names o,) —- their problem is fear, fear of love, of being left behind. “minsan hindi na sapat ang mahal kita lang.”

all of this punctuated by commercials of piolo pascual. enough said.

(now who’s conyo now ha?!)


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