here first. until we are there.

three marriage proposals

i think i want to marry a chef. hmmmm or maybe be one.


perhaps because of a loud and lovely conversation today about shake, rattle and roll 9, can i just confess that i really enjoyed mission impossible 3, even more than die hard 4?

if die hard 4 had a really gwapo crook, philip seymour hoffman (not as gwapo really) was just the devil. no apologies, never wavered —- he was evil. i loved it. as much as i love the back stories of serial killers and criminals, it was refreshing to just meet someone who was just a baddie. grabe lang. makes me think i would marry him.

or maybe jonathan rhys meyers, grabe lang ang matangos na ilong. nakakaiyak.

but fabulous movie —- that you’ll forgive (i will only name three.):
(a) tom cruise handing his cellular phone to jonathan rhys meyers and saying, ” get me signal” before he hangs out of the car door and shoots bad people. (heehee i know a couple of people with significant others who might have the same urgency.)
(b) ving rhames getting all emotional about marriage, normal relationships and such —- AND cheering when tom cruise does some bad-ass pendulum trick to get into a building. tapos may self-conscious “i knew he could do it!” (hello stage mother?)
(c) the happy ending montage where morpheus (grabe pareho kaming white westinghouse na sa laki.) smiles his gaps, tom cruise introduces his wife to his friends and they walk out hand in hand with music (ano ba?! di ba action film ‘to?)

heehee. funny kitschness. ganon lang talaga.

(from alice, migoy and anj)

If you opened this, FILL IT OUT! Learn 50 things about your friends, and let them learn 50 things about you!

1* Do you like cheese?
yes even if i get a bad tummy.

2* Have you ever smoked heroin?
nope. scary.

3* Do you own a gun?
nope. scary too.

4* Your favorite song/s?
echo by incubus, die without you by pm dawn, whenever, wherever, whatever by maxwell, everybody here wants you by jeff buckley uh songs by tori amos, zero 7, stars, broken social scene, justin timberlake (marry me boy, marry me booooy!) , grand national.
i’m sure i’m forgetting some.

5* Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
i think so. i know i get nervous before i travel AND before classes.

6* What do you think of hotdogs?
purefoods tj hotdogs are love. only because they were banned from us when we were kids.

7* Favorite Christmas song?
river by joni mitchell, the christmas song- dave matthews band

8. What do you like to drink in the morning?
tea. preferably chai with sugar and milk.

9* Can you do push ups?
i think the floor pushes me back lang kasi i’m exerting too much force. hahahaha!

10* Favorite super-hero?
i think i was in love with psylocke when i was younger (yes, yes i know.) but i’ve always wanted to be batman.

11* What’s your favorite piece of jewelry?
earrings! but i like how rings just make you watch people’s hands. hmmmm. i think i just like watching people’s hands.

12* Favorite hobby?
chopping and mixing. reading. trolling the web for various things.

13* Secret weapon to get the opposite sex?
my friends would say my cleavage. hello lang. the girls just need air sometimes no? honestly, i don’t know. someone tell me. i like compliments.

14* Do you have A.D.D.?

i can focus like a beagle on a scent but there are some days when i feel like i’m a school of multi-colored goldfish hanging in the air

15* What one trait do you hate about yourself?
second guessing myself and everyone else

16* Middle Name?
heehee. it’s actually cristina gonzales ( i’m anna cristina gonzales abola.)
i knew i had a former bold star in me.

17* Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment
“papa sputters.”
” i miss people.”
“tulog. nice.”

18* Name 3 things you bought yesterday?
hahahaha. (a) toilet brush (b)toilet duck (c) pink gloves

19* Name 3 drinks you regularly drink?
water, tea and melk

20* Current worry right now?
the work i’ve been ignoring

21* Current hate?
ooooh i don’t know.

22* Favorite place?
pwede favorite beds na lang —– my pink bed in my blue room, mimay’s big green bed in her fuschia and green room (she’s painted it na but hey, i haven’t seen it so it doesn’t exist), papa’s white bed in his beige room, anna’s yellow bed with her purple curtains behind it and larry’s soft bed in his yellow room.

23* How will you bring in the New Year?
probably counting down with my family. making noise.

24* Where would you like to go?
now? to bed! tomorrow? aba ma.

25* Name three people who will complete this and return?
heehee. i don’t know.

26* Do you own flip flops?

27* What shirt are you wearing?
a white butas butas shirt

28* Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
very eighties no?

29* Can you whistle?

30* Favorite color/s?
pink, green and black!

31* Would you like to be a pirate?
not particularly. ang baho ko lang.

32* What songs do you sing in the shower room?
i don’t sing. i dance. KAYA MO?

33* Favorite girl’s name/s?
Ananda, Rocio

34* Favorite boy’s name/s?
Lorenzo, Pablo and Seth

35* What’s in your pocket right now?
hindi uso ang pocket sa boy cut panties.

36* Last thing that made you laugh?
i think it was mikey.

37* Best bed sheets as a child?
i’m still a kid. so these sheets that i know mom had made patahi for me because they’re sooooo soft.

38* Worst injury you’ve ever had?
ah. i twisted my knee tripping over my own feet sa football. the way my heart breaks can be considered funny too sometimes.

39* Do you love where you live?
yes. even with the five dogs.

40* How many computers do you have in your house?
aba ma.

41* Who is your loudest friend?
Missy and Trinka

42* How many dogs do you have?
Miong, Betchay, MJ, Harley and Mickers, Mikey! hahahaha.

43* Does someone have a crush on you?
*bats eyelashes*

45* What is your favorite book?
The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde. but there are others too.

46* What is your favorite candy?

47* Favorite Sports Teams?
san miguel nung nandun si hector calma. (tanda mo na ‘day!) hahahahha. i like watching games but i don’t know the teams.

48* What song do you want played at your funeral?
“i see you baby shaking your ass.” by groove armada unless i really do get to use it as an entrance song

49* What were you doing 12 AM last night?
probably trying to sleep

50* What is the first thing you thought of when you woke up?
“ano yon?”


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