here first. until we are there.

another way of going through PMS

not discounting my navel gazing habits, i must say that i believe my reading habits have been greatly affected by the hormonal changes that every woman goes through.

so i’m thinking maybe my ability to devour books at a certain time of the month, after some days of blankness and the inability to register paragraphs of information might be connected to that. parang i have binges of two to three books in a weekend and then just stretches of duh …. i love tv and my make-up websites. hahahaha!

because this weekend, i felt so blah until i picked up those books and just read. parang there’s nothing in this world but that story. now as much as i’m still thinking of philip pullman and his taray atheism (there is no other word for it really,) i want a new story to read. have been waiting to read soon i will be invincible but manong and i never seem to see each other. so i went back to the latest installment of the thursday next series, looking for specific chapters to read.

though i must say, my latest novels have all been written by men. and the theory and poetry i’ve been reading are by women. heehee. ewan.

so perhaps, a good book (albeit more expensive) will be better than my potato chip craving right before i get a visit from aunt flo.


in other news, dirty jobs and hazard pay on discovery channel are just fun shows to watch.

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  1. Two to three books a <>weekend?!<> I’m envious!

    December 11, 2007 at 3:07 pm

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