here first. until we are there.

so i get obsessed, see!

and after watching the golden compass with mikey and papa saturday, i knew i wanted to finally read the trilogy. so i sneaked in a trip to national bookstore in between buying food for sunday dinner. was going crazy looking for the books, got a bit disappointed that i was only able to find the subtle knife and the amber spyglass. but read them anyway. okay devoured them.

and i see why some groups of the Church would get their panties in a twist. except and this just might be catholic training kicking in, but the Authority that they were talking about was one that did not send Jesus Christ. and this story was about defying authority, love and sacrifice for the sake of another —- in that order so really, nothing particulary controversial. or at least nothing more controversial than Jesus Christ eating with the sinners, or telling those who have never sinnned to cast the first stone.

hay, i wish they’d stop making my God so stuffy. you think someone who believed in free will would have been shocked by what turns out to be a pretty good story?

i’m going to enjoy rereading these books.


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