here first. until we are there.

"we’re all mad here."

in between checking papers and making handouts (i didn’t realize how much fun i had making them.), i found myself grinding barako and hazelnuts and roasting pan de sal. i was even considering taking out my cow tea set and having the dogs do the whole shebang until i realized that perhaps i wouldn’t want to clean up doggie diarrhea. so something to tide me over while i work.

but there’s something really comforting about the mad hatter, the march hare and the dormouse. going around the table when they couldn’t find clean cups. the dormouse falling asleep in the tea cup —- the treacle! the treacle!

is it just me or have i been here before?

but really, i think i will have a tea party soon. that’ll be my way of getting back into baking, and perhaps wearing that stepford wife dress, apron and heels. which might be better than my romantic notions of being barefoot and pregnant.

and i think i should just allow myself my insanity. my attempts to fit just don’t cut it anymore. i think i like my 2 am self.


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