here first. until we are there.

smell so familiar, smell so poignant

i know what happiness smells like. it’s not really anyone. nor is it even my cookies. (i love you! take a cookie! — now with more flavors. hahahahaha!)

the first time i smelled it and knew what it was, was summer before senior year in high school — sunlight, the field and love. things never smelled like that until i stepped out of being in a tangle of arms, legs and bellies — summer air, breeze, family. and tonight, with the rain at palma hall, and me stuck giving an exam to my last UP class for a while (6:15 to 8:00 pm) and checking term papers.


but hey, smells are supposed to be subtle enough that you have to be intimately close to breathe them in.


put a candle out in the window, mom. i smell the sea and am walking home.


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