here first. until we are there.

1:48 am clackity clack.

i’ve been escaping from work by watching movies. unfortunately, these films are a bit too conscious of their strangeness that they trip on their own coat tails. leche, hindi gumana that metaphor.

but for example, with premonition:

PREMISE: Linda wakes up one day, and her husband dies. The next morning, she wakes up and he’s alive.

I think i can forgive the discomfort i felt while watching the film. the feeling of disorientation that leads to the realization that you are being betrayed — being toyed with does come from the fact that we are watching the story unfold through her eyes. (reading edgar allan poe’s the tell-tale heart —- you can practically see the vibrations, the shivers of the madness) but they did lay it on thick. pati na rin the symbols.

but siyempre if you’re a sap, you will take to heart the fact that it tries to tell you to value what you have. i was just thinking that the reason why they had to use the device of living your days out of order to lead towards gratitude and hope, was because these two states are places where you have a perspective of things. it’s as simple as living in the past, making the fears of that time affect your current decisions with different people.

and of course, this led me to shrug off the whole Church thing. but really, lack of perspective = faithless? pwede. sige. but kailangan ba faith in the sense of religion? to be grateful is to recognize that one is loved than something greater, sige and to hope is attached to a leap of belief. but really, Church talaga?

should you watch it? in the movie house? NO. unless you really just need the dark to make out. hahahahaha.

then with ALPHA DOG:

oy, all these boys posturing as men. grabe. the senseless violence. the sweetness of innocence. the parody of addiction.

kapagod. all that testosterone. and escapism.

was justin timberlake good? yes. but the boy who played the “stolen boy” was just so much better.

should you watch it? in the movie house? actually yes.

but it’s no stranger than fiction. *sigh*


it’s the end of the school year, it’s raining, it’s humid, should i be using semi-colons?

but is there a better story to be told? of course.


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