here first. until we are there.

the new year

it is well into the third week of the year, and i’ve battled the strangeness of my sleeping habits. i’ve discovered that on certain nights, my body only requests for 5 hours in darkness then just wakes up. of course during the day it groans and sighs with the lack of sleep, and i’m just left bewildered. my eyes are open, but really, no one’s home.

i’ve gone through some form of insomnia for majority of my life. but i’m not really sure if it’s insomnia because i can do the sleeping in till the embarassing late hour of 4:30 pm —- a few hours later gabi na ulit!

i keep thinking that i need more time which i do, i really do. and i do wonder where time went.

though i do like being bangag, because really as larry says now in response to my nags, you don’t sweat the small stuff. oh that screwed up. yaaaaawwwwn. hahahaha. i’m incredibly perky. and things are just incredibly funnier. but i don’t like the inability to keep everything you need in your head, the sad fact of switching your students’ names and really, stuttering every three sentences doesn’t make you fun to watch.

but i did realize that a part of me likes the fact that i get nagged to sleep or not to eat, and that fat jokes are allowed.

i’m going off-tangent so insert virtual semi-colon incorrectly used

i wonder if this is really how the rest of my year will be like. bewilderment, laughter at the drop of hat and the feeling that days melt into each other.


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