here first. until we are there.

woman trouble

to soothe my headache and my heaviness (as opposed to ang gaan gaan ng feeling), i had a fantastic meal at kamirori delivered, tried reading my favorite chick lit (stopped because tang inang pagmamahal yan) and am now delving into familiar territory.

am playing upbeat, dance-y, trance-y with inserts of the inimitable justin timberlake (may ganon!) music because i’m just so blob on the floor — seeping through your ceiling and you’ll be covered in my heavy shit if you don’t move.

after finally submitting grades for UP, POTANG INA. got news about my observation. damn it. when did i stop being good at things? POTANG INA LANG.


though i have followed in my wonderful record of being panakip butas ever, i have still not gotten out of the crap that goes along with that title.

and i say it once again, POTANG INA.

what’s annoying about being heavy and all that shit — is that anger is still an effort. MOOOOVVVVEEEEE IT BITCH AND SLAP SOMEONE AROUND.


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  1. jcb


    October 24, 2006 at 3:40 pm

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