here first. until we are there.

and found.

so today, calvin refuses to join susie for a tea party because he’s looking for hobbes. of course, hobbes is right there at the head of the table exchanging all niceties and such.

but this really is a list for things that i found:
1. a ladybug happy panty which became a ladybug happy panty text for mimay.

2. a painting on a mariwasa tile that i got for my 18th birthday from a fairy who taught me in college. i saw her again in dumaguete, and she just really made me feel all light. i found it this morning while preparing some breakfast for myself — then today she texted. galeeng.
cez’s painting

though if i were to really spend money on a piece of art for my room, it would of her husband’s paintings before he went all surreal. lovely lovely fairy tale art. i wish i had a picture of them. a boy king turning his back to his lilliputian subjects, his crown made of paper still too big for head. or a mermaid with her beautiful black hair riding in a piano boat.

3. i wanted to add a fairy from yoshitaka amano’s book, Fairies because she looks like she’s a tomato fairy, but I can’t seem to post it. Check the book out in Fully Booked or on Amazon.

and that’s that.


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