here first. until we are there.

there’s beauty in the breakdown

I think I’ve finished a major project. Just waiting for revisions.

With this project, i’ve had a mouse crawl up my jeans leg and not scream, and i’ve mistaken sheep for goats wearing funky leaf raincoats. I think I’m at a neutral concerning my shungashunga status.

But watching these interviews and listening to these peoples lives, I’ve ended with something I read from Fables and Reflections in my head. Remember Emperor Norton, the only emperor of the United States? When he dies, Death borrows his top hat and tells him that there are secret kings and queens of the world, on whose backs the world rests. He is her favorite. And you are left thinking about the strangeness of his ‘rise to power’ and the dignity his dreams have given him.

..the dignity of his dreams…

Yup, larry was right. I’ve gotten too involved in these people’s lives.


Jason Munn at small stakes

happy birthday alice!

and lots of love to maita who is leaving for Canada on Sunday.

there goes the lone red gummi bear in a bowl of nuts


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