here first. until we are there.

They will drive you crazy!

Desire is a funny thing. Though it is one of the most irritating emotions a human being can ever have, an absence of it is scary.

It’s like you don’t trust anything. anymore.


on a FanGirl note, I remembered why Douglas Coupland is on my list. He’s a sap. And a sap who understands just how weak we can be. And a sap who believes in God. Fiercely.


Right now, (i’m sure this will change once i get something into my sleep-deprived body) I .

I wonder who told me that I couldn’t get a decent night’s sleep anymore.

Must kill them. Oh and must smack myself over the head for believing them.


Realized that I have always loved hospital-type dramas, just as much as cop shows and law shows.

Oh and I saw ernie dance yesterday on Sesame Street


How do you tell them that you have nothing with you? that there is nothing you have that they could actually want?

BUt I would give anything


One response

  1. des

    darling, i’m really sorry i couldn’t keep my exuberance when i saw you yesterday hehe:) but it was great seeing you!:) and larry too. and meeting maita as well. please tell them i said hi!:)

    August 26, 2005 at 10:06 am

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