here first. until we are there.

In his essay introducing himself, papa mentions that my anger has finally began to dissipate. Of course, this made me jump out of my comfortable sofa of self-absorption and once again, take a look at myself. Considering that I argued with my dog this morning because she just has too many fleas for my taste and she wanted my attention when all i wanted to do is sleep and pretend that i wasn’t anywhwere, I don’t know if my father’s assessment would hold water. Though it might hold shit, steaming piles of it. hahahahaha. i love how idioms are such strange combinations of words.

and this is the man who, after settling into the back of the seat when he picked me up at the airport, turns to me and says, look at my teapot while peeling used newspapers from a glass orb.

but what do i have to be angry about? especially today? i mean, i am home and my mind is full of memories and i have a really cool song playing over the radio. heck, my thighs may be extraordinarily big, but i think i’m happy.

will continue later. have to think some more.


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