here first. until we are there.

i brought home the puppy my cousin saved from a group of teenage boys who were trying to discover the fine art of drowning of soft furry creatures. today, they’re a whole family chewing up slippers, crapping everywhere and peeing with the joy of our arrival.


after last errands, i texted a friend asking for some human contact. we met up and found ourselves weaving stories over what people could judge us to bbe from our appearances. so she’s the disgrasyada conyonita walking around with a top too low for her whose boyfriend is now with my ex-girlfriend — being so shocked that a woman i loved would leave me for another guy, i gained the prerequsite break-up weight. heehee.


joni mitchell’s case of you always makes me think about what love real;ly does to you. right now i worry, but know that i don’t have the strength to do what i’d like to do for him —- it’s not a matter of saving anyone, just love na lang. and wait.

sappy shit ano?

i could drink a case of you, darling. and i’d still be on my feet


i think i feel that fog again.

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