here first. until we are there.

minsan kailangan walang katuturan.

i realize that when i don’t want to talk about something painful, i get really ditzy. as in annoyingly ditzy. i wanted to smack myself on the head for being so vapid (MAITA! word from your list!)

watched SOUND at saguijo last night. watch them, watch them, watch them.

they played the two songs that i liked from their first album AND they have this really cute ,um, song… which plays with the… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 sequence from sesame street.

moving on to ditziness: man, ang kilay ko. wow lang. mika, i went to mah girl who does them and you know what she did? waxed, threaded, tweezed and trimmed with scissors. hahahaha. iba lang ha.

must clean room.

had fun talking to someone about text sex while putting on eyeliner and mascara.

and um, i’m glad i’m losing weight. but uh. stretch marks. shiyet. ganon ka banat pala balat ko. hahahahaha.

lamb’s cotton wool is fab-u-lous.

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