here first. until we are there.

When did my life get so quiet? It’s like when i get out into other people’s lives…everyone’s screaming. like some fuck crazy orgy or auction or something.

maybe it’s the iced teas i have been drinking.

the last time it was like this… it was never like this.

and i know that my life is okay. or it’s better. but it seems so small.

little kid screaming schizophrenic in my mind, will someone please ask him what’s wrong? i’ll give him my heart if he wants something to eat. twirling, twirling, so many things are twisting in the air. like dust particles that have been electricuted because they killed the dust bunny that was eating them all up.

hmmmmm…i think i got the static from someone else’s blog. you make me forget that life can be okay.

turn off the fucking TV and face me.


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