here first. until we are there.

light bulb about to fizzle out

i just finished a long overdue paper (i have two more of those pa) and suddenly my mind is tired. when i just finished reading the essay, i found myself swimming in my thoughts … drowning in them even. i wanted to yank this theorist from his final resting place and scream at him for scaring the hell out of me.

he just presented a world that was just so ultimately insidious — a world where mankind has become so alienated from itself that it will watch its annihilation with rapt fascination.

we applauded the atom bomb before we realized what it could do, or maybe even when we did.

i guess john coffy was right in being tired.

but you know what? i’m glad that my studies are one of the few ways that completely blocks everything out. it’s a refuge that i am happy to find.

oooh sleep. see you a little later pa.

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