here first. until we are there.

asleep on a sunbeam

my dog’s fur is wonderfully soft, and though she has the worst fish breath known to man (strangely enough, i always thought cats had the monopoly on fish breath). though she has no dangal, i love how poised she sleeps even when she’s sprawled on her belly. that’s cute, like a baby.

hahahaha. am trying to seek comfort in small things.

have you seen the TNA wrestling commercial with that beachy music? and just how horribly bon jovi-ish the music for the commercial of enterprise is?

came from seattle’s best, and there is such peace in being with your family.

and a song analysis on shawn colvin’s sunny came home is always surprising.

and today i binged on sleep and hapchang’s dimsum. man. i should really detox soon.


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