here first. until we are there.

structures of my mind

it seems that when architects talk about structure, they’re not really talking about anything physical. take an arch for example, its strength lies in the balance that the curve on top of those two posts/poles/rectangles must keep. that’s its structure. so it’s like saying that we’re really dealing with empty space. especially since the arch is one of the most stable structures there are.

makes me think of the image of the empty cup, think the vagina, the yonic-ness of it…the emptiness = strength of it?

or her?

rumi sang to me today : We have fallen into place/where everything is music.

i made sure to check if there was the article A before place because that would change the meaning completely. and there isn’t so… if things fall into place… kahulugan di ba? wowie.

kakaloka. especially since i know that am still pining, but am liking the hiding that i’ve been doing. maybe i’m not hiding anymore.

you can’t bury the moon like what dia said or dia’s ex-seminarian/painter/poet classmate said. and i guess you can’t hide in the sun.

maybe that’s what i did when i told him, i ran out into the sun.

okay, back to work. still haven’t started on my report for saturday.


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