here first. until we are there.

stuck in the house. i have images of the world outside being one whole traffic jam with horns blaring and people screaming. all i really feel is the cold of the air, it’s really suprising how it’s so cold. i would really like to go to the malls today and do something…because i am pathetic and have forgotten the joy of staying home. i almost regretted not having work today, not having something important to do. even if i really just miss my friends from work and whathisface.

admit it, admit it… last week was a hectic week and i don’t know how to deal with nothing happening. blech. i can’t believe this.

is it the weather? it really is urging me to stand up and do something useful for this world. like burn some calories? what?

i am not an edgy writer, and i don’t think i ever will be. i am stuck to the whole magical realism, true. but that doesn’t feel oh-so-positively modern. i am a luddite, an eloquent one at that who is mighty fond of pop culture. *sigh*

this damn asthma/viral infection isn’t really helping either.

there’s a white elephant in the room and i’m not sure if i should deal with it.

whoohoo…host of cliches

will end. must work.

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