here first. until we are there.

getting angry and my horoscope said so.

this morning i wanted to cry. i wanted to lash out all the people i pissed off in the work room and just tell them to leave me alone.

which i guess, they are. i have had to swallow the reality that though i thought i was gaining substance…to the people who are looking in the matter, i look like i overreacted. the truth will set me free nga…if i could remember it lang. is there that addendum?

so many corrections. so many corrections. rawr. oh Lord, give me the strength to take this.

*sigh* really wish i had someone to throw myself at now. maybe this is exactly why i don’t have one.

just for reference.

Your Daily Horoscope for August 28, 2003

Dear NING,

If you are experiencing anger today, use it as a tool, NING, don’t throw it away. Anger is your hammer, it is important. The key is to put it to an immediate process or else stress and tension will build up. Putting a stopper on your emotions will make matters worse. Get your anger out by speaking. Your voice is incredibly important. If you suppress your voice it will turn into introverted rage.


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