here first. until we are there.

saturday night and i’m home.

i just shared my meteor garden 2 thoughts to anyone who would listen. isn’t that sad?! hahahaha. i can really make things sound like they spring forth from an erudite mind. *sigh* i think that’s my new word.

but it really affects me. alam mo yun, i still can’t see that they will end up together naman. parang gaga. why is this so important? well, it makes me think that i might not be able to keep my eyes on the end goal that i will find someone who will love me and be good to me and for me. i am afraid that if i lose hope, then yun na eh. parang wag na, i’m too young.

i love hanging with kuya, jack and manong even if minsan…whohoooooooooow ang pinag-uusapan nga naman ano?! babae ako mga gaga. kuya’s word for the day: boogs. ah o sige.

sige na nga. i think my mind deteriorated in the hours i spent checking. will now try to recharge.

much love bebe.


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